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Welcome to Go Scaffolding

Go Scaffolding Limited provides the New Zealand building industry with a low cost quality scaffold system. We supply the “Quick Lock scaffolding system” - prefabricated, modular scaffolding systems made from galvanised steel, suitable for all types of construction. Quick Lock is the most popular choice of scaffold system currently in use in Australia, the UK and Ireland and meets the exacting standards requirements of both the British and Australian/New Zealand Standards authorities.

Go Scaffolding also offer scaffolding hire in the Nelson region. Our qualified staff offer a competitive and efficient service.

Go Scaffolding “Quick Lock scaffolding system” is extremely price competitive, at up to 40% less than other New Zealand suppliers.

Scaffolding has become prevalent in the construction, maintenance and housing industries. The ability of scaffolding to provide a safe working platform for all trades and maximize productivity is second to none.

Quick Lock scaffolding is easy and quick to erect, accomodating sloping ground and varying slab levels.

Some advantages of our system include:

  • Speed of erection and dismantling    
  • Labour saving    
  • No loose fittings    
  • Working levels can be changed quickly    
  • Has only four basic components    
  • Compact when storing or transporting    
  • Minimum maintenance


Gibson and Samantha Hall
Go Scaffolding Limited
PO Box 7156
Freephone: 0800 GOSCAFFOLD (0800 467 223)
Phone: 03 539 0913 Fax: 03 539 4164
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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