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Price List for Galvanised Ring Lock Scaffolding Products

Ring Lock Item Description Unit Price
3.0m standard $60
1.0m standard $22
2.0m standard $40
1.5m standard $33
3.0m ledgers $49
2.5m ledger $39
0.8m ledgers $16
1.09 ledger $21
1.4m ledger $24
.73m brace $30
1.09m brace $32
2.57 brace $41
3.07m brace $47
Base Jacks 780mm $22
swivel hollow jack 780mm $32
starter collars $10
hop up 0.73 $35
hop up 0.39m $23
steel plank 2.57m $90
steel plank 1.4m $53
steel plank 0.73m $34
steel boards 3.07m $106
toe board 3.05m $29
toe board 2.43 $23
toe board 1.52 $13
toe board 1.065 $12
toe board 0.88m $10

Prices are exclusive of GST

Price List for Galvanised Kwikstage Scaffolding Products

Kwikstage Item Description Unit Price
3.0m standard $61
2.0m standard $44
1.5m standard $33
2.4m ledgers $33
1.2m ledgers $25
0.8m ledgers $17
0.8m transoms $23
1 board stage bracket $9
1.8m brace $34
3.6m brace $54
Base Jacks $19
single $4
double $4
steel boards 2.4m $60
swivel $4
stillage $122

Prices are exclusive of GST

All scaffolding for sale is WorkSafe compliant and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Why buy from us?

  • We established Go Scaffolding in 2005, 14 years and counting
  • We provide customers with a 10 year warranty
  • We are proud members of SARNZ ( Scaffold and Rigging New Zealand)
  • We are new zealand owned and operated
  • Our products are compatible with layer and proscaff
  • Our products are stamped and tested to the NZ/AUS standard 1576:1995
  • Check out our specials on TradeMe

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We are using it all the time, it is making life easy with no need to wait for scaffolders to turn up or delay a job. Only problem is we don't have enough so have been thinking about getting another pack same as the last. Thank you.
Nate Bainbridge, Bainbridge Building & Roofing