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Price List for Galvanised Ring Lock Scaffolding Products

Ring Lock Item Description Unit Price
3.0m standard $60
1.0m standard $22
2.0m standard $40
1.5m standard $33
3.0m ledgers $49
2.5m ledger $39
0.8m ledgers $16
1.09 ledger $21
1.4m ledger $24
.73m brace $30
1.09m brace $32
2.57 brace $41
3.07m brace $47
Base Jacks 780mm $22
swivel hollow jack 780mm $32
starter collars $10
hop up 0.73 $35
hop up 0.39m $23
steel plank 2.57m $90
steel plank 1.4m $53
steel plank 0.73m $34
steel boards 3.07m $106
toe board 3.05m $29
toe board 2.43 $23
toe board 1.52 $13
toe board 1.065 $12
toe board 0.88m $10

Prices are exclusive of GST

Price List for Galvanised Kwikstage Scaffolding Products

Kwikstage Item Description Unit Price
3.0m standard $61
2.0m standard $44
1.5m standard $33
2.4m ledgers $33
1.2m ledgers $25
0.8m ledgers $17
0.8m transoms $23
1 board stage bracket $9
1.8m brace $34
3.6m brace $54
Base Jacks $19
single $4
double $4
steel boards 2.4m $60
swivel $4
stillage $122

Prices are exclusive of GST

All scaffolding for sale is WorkSafe compliant and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Why buy from us?

  • We established Go Scaffolding in 2005, 14 years and counting
  • We provide customers with a 10 year warranty
  • We are proud members of SARNZ ( Scaffold and Rigging New Zealand)
  • We are new zealand owned and operated
  • Our products are compatible with layer and proscaff
  • Our products are stamped and tested to the NZ/AUS standard 1576:1995
  • Check out our specials on TradeMe

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I purchased a package from Go Scaffolding in August 2014 for my building business in the north island. , where we are located is a rural area and it can be quite a hassle and expense to get scaffolding companies over and set up on site for the jobs we do. with all of the work safe laws being enforced now we decided to purchase a builders package from Go Scaffolding, I was not a 100% on what I was buying to be honest. the team at Go Scaffold gave me some options on my package deal which was very good service. once we decided what we wanted they got it shipped up to us. the set up of the scaffolding is very easy and reasonably quick, the scaffolding at this stage is very durable and handles the knocks very well, we are rapt with the quality of their product and ease of use. it is very comfortable to work off and sits well once set up. its not something you can store in the corner of you shed it does take up a bit of room, but it is very worth while for our business we will be looking to add more to our set in the future. thank you
Joss Tua-Davidson