Download our Safety and Scaffolding Erection guide

Quick lock Safety Aspects:

  • Guard rail/Ledger is automatically positioned
  • No foot-traps or overlapping of planks on the platforms
  • Elimination of human element in the tightning of loose scaffold fittings
  • Elimination of loose fittings prevents accidents caused by the droping of scaffold fittings
  • The use of adjustable bases ensures scaffold is set out level and plumb.
  • fixed lengths of planks ensures safe seating. Boards are contained and cannot rock or see-saw
  • Stage brackets take tradesmen off the main platform thus leaving more room for material storage and movement of other workmen on the main platform

Safe Scaffolding – Meets and Exceeds NZ/AS Safety Standards

This scaffolding has been thoroughly tested and meets and exceeds the safety requirements of the relevant standards AS/NZ 1576:1995. It is suitable for 20 lifts high with 3 heavy duty working platforms.


We are using it all the time, it is making life easy with no need to wait for scaffolders to turn up or delay a job. Only problem is we don't have enough so have been thinking about getting another pack same as the last. Thank you.
Nate Bainbridge, Bainbridge Building & Roofing